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Nombre del Usuario: bravo17

País: Brazil

Ciudad: Sao paulo

Fecha de nacimiento: 25th-September-1983

Edad: 34

Altura/ Talla: 6 feet 0 inches/182cm

Peso: 183 lbs (83.0 kg)

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Autodescripción e Intereses
*** I'm 100% real. If you use fake photos do not send me messages. I do not send money to anyone I do not believe in business opportunities from strange people. I do not believe in millionaire women who need help to invest in a business. Do not waste my time on this kind of message. *** Hi, my name is Arthur. Write for me! I adore to exchange messages! The chat on this site is late in delivering the messages. It takes 4 minutes for me to see that I received a chat request. I`m not an ideal man. I`m a real man. I have my faults and qualities. And I offer you a real relationship. With love, attention, understanding, romantic moments and some fights. What is the couple that does not fight? The best is reconciliation later. My temper is calm. The tone of my voice is soft. I`m an easy person to deal with. Always open to dialogue. I have a waterfall of love and affection to flood my lady. I like being a caring person. I like to send emails. I like to cause surprises. I like being an unpredictable person. I have never understood when people say that distance can destroy relationships. I believe that if people really love each other – there are no obstacles. I realize that lots of women here live abroad but I enjoy travelling. Do you? I enjoy visiting new countries and seeing new places. Maybe we can discover this world together one day. And you know, I would like to have a chance to know each other better. Do not hesitate to write me. the life is very unpredictable! Sometime before I could not even imagine that I will be looking for someone so much. Perhaps the time for love in my heart has come. I feel a great need to love and to be loved. I feel a great need to wake up every morning, seeing the smile of my woman and hugging him. What can be better in fact?! My friends say that I am looking for illusion, but I cannot agree with them, because I know when you believe in something - it will happen for sure
Pasión, Intereses y hobbies
My main interest is traveling. I like the beach and the countryside. I like meditation and relaxation, although I do not have a religion or an ideology. I`d rather feel free of those labels. But I respect all religions and opinions different from mine. I also really like reading and writing. Staying at home listening to a song or watching a good movie also seems to be a nice and quiet program I also like animals. I have 4 dogs! I tried cooking, but I discovered that in the kitchen I am a real disaster! I`d rather leave the kitchen for you! I want to experience something delicious made by your loving and delicate hands. What will you do for us?
Buscando women
I`m not looking for an ideal woman. I`m looking for a real woman. I`m not looking for the perfect face. I`m looking for a woman to let me go deep into her heart. I`m looking for an engagement. Extremely strong involvement. I want a woman who will be by my side in good times and also in bad times. A woman who will laugh with me, a woman who will cry with me. A woman who will live romantic moments by my side. A woman with whom I will make the perfect trip. A woman who will fight with me, because there is no perfect relationship. The best part of the fight is reconciliation. I want that woman I can open up completely with. Speak my plans, my dreams, my goals, my fears, my insecurities, everything! I`ll be an open book for her. This woman will find comfort, tranquility, and security in my arms. I will be the rock where our family will settle.
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Negro/ Africano
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No religioso
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