How much does it cost?

It's TOTALLY and ABSOLUTELY FREE! You can send and receive as many E-mails as you like, all of your messages are stored on the site for you in your personal E-mail box, and all for free! All we ask is that you upload your current photo along with your profile.

How does this site work?

Single Men Onlineis a new on-line service that allows you to contact thousands of marriage minded men from around the world. Once you register, the men will be able to contact you as well. Many of the men are from the United States and Canada, however you will also find many profiles from Western Europe, Australia, and many other countries. These men are in search of single women who are interested in serious relationships and marriage. Single Men Onlineis free to use! You will have full access to all the services on this site absolutely free! It is also safe to use, none of your personal information will be disclosed to other members, unless you disclose it yourself in your messages. Even your E-mail address will be kept confidential.

The first step is to become a member. Simply register by filling out the Sign-Up and My Info pages. You will receive a confirmation email. By responding to the email, your account will be activated and you will become a member. You may also want to upload your photo, as most people prefer to review profiles with photos. Your profile is the gateway that enables others to find out about you, your interests, and your outlook on life. Take some time and try to choose a photo that will do the best job of representing who you are. If necessary have a special photo taken, it will be worth the extra effort!

Next you can conduct a search based on various criteria you set. Once you find interesting members, there are many ways for you to contact them. You can send a smile, show interest, or send a message via our internal messaging system. If you like you can ask for a chat if the other member is online (Please keep in mind the time differences). You can even arrange an on-line chat by exchanging messages with another member.

Your email address remains completely confidential. Other members will not have access to your email unless you give it to them. Of course Single Men Onlinecannot reveal your real name and address, as you do not provide them to us. The benefits of on-line dating are boundless. It's fun, instantaneous and interactive. Used properly, it's also very secure as you will control the pace based on your judgment and comfort level. However, please be alert and do exercise caution due to the very nature of online community.

I forgot my login details (User Name or Password)
Please enter the email address you used when you registered with SingleMenOn0Line in the Password Recovery Page. Your User Name and Password, will be emailed to you immediately.
Problems with logging in

Please check you are using your correct User Name & Password. If you're unsure about these, simply have these emailed to you by using the "Forgot your password?" link under the member login box on the Log In page. Just give it a few minutes and the details will be available in your inbox.

Check that your browser COOKIES are enabled. This web site requires you have cookies enabled on your browser. The following provides information about cookies and how to "enable" this function on your browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
1. Click the "Tools" menu item.
2. Select "Internet Options".
3. Click the "Privacy" tab.
4. Click the "Advanced" button
5. Make certain that you uncheck the "Override automatic cookie handling"Or at least you do not "Block" cookies.
6. Click "OK".

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x
1. Select the "View" pulldown menu.
2. Select "Internet Options".
3. Click the "Advanced" tab.
4. Scroll down the list of options to "Security" (marked with a padlock symbol). Beneath, you'll see three options for "Cookies". Select either "Prompt before accepting cookies" or "Accept all cookies".
5. Click "OK".

Netscape Communicator/ Navigator 4.x
1. Select the "Edit" pulldown menu.
2. Click "Advanced"-the word itself, not the "+" next to it.
3. Select either "Accept all cookies" or "Accept only cookies that get sent back to the originating server". "Warn me" may be checked or unchecked.
4. Click "OK"

If you are still experiencing problems with your log-in, please contact us as soon as possible, and include your User Name. We will work to correct this problem as quickly as possible.

How much does it cost?
It's TOTALLY and ABSOLUTELY FREE for now. In the future, a prevailing commercial rate may apply to become or remain a Premium Member. As a member who signed up during the current promotional period, you are guaranteed to have the Premium Member status for 6 months, if you upload your photo. Without photo, your Premium Member status will expire in three months. You can find the guidelines for an "acceptable" photo in the Photo Upload page. Essentially, it should be a picture of yourself (not your dog or a cartoon). No nudity or indecent photos allowed. (not your dog or a cartoon). No nudity or indecent photos allowed.
What are my membership benefits?

Your membership with Single Men Online allows you to browse thousands of profiles of succseful, serious, marriage-minded Western men, who are searching for womeone with whom they can build a happy and healthy family. As a member, you'll have the following benefits:

  • Real Profiles-Real People! At Single Men On Line, All profiles, photos and video clips are reviewed for accuracy and appropriate content.
  • Create your own personal profile and post a picture and audio-video greetings to create the opportunity to meet other members.
  • Access to all member profiles.
  • Update your profile, picture and audio-video greetings as often as you wish.
  • Advanced search capabilities to find compatible matches.
  • Unlimited free communication with other members.
  • Utilize various resources available: chat or play games with other members, send greeting cards to other members or non-members, read articles, etc.
How do I browse profiles without becoming a member?

Single Men Onlineis a private privileged community which exists for the benefit of the members. Unless you become a member by filling out a profile and activating your account (which is all FREE), you cannot browse other members' profiles. It just takes a minute or two to become a member.

How do I contact someone?

Once you've done the really hard part - selecting whom you want to contact - actually getting in touch with them is easy. Send a message, send a smile, show interest or initiate chat if you are lucky enough to find that person online. All these communication tools are available as icons in the member's profile page. Another way is to send eGreeting Cards available in the Resources section. If the other member shares your interest, you will receive a reply. If not, you get the idea. It's proper not to contact that member again.

All members' email addresses are strictly confidential. You will not get the email address from us, but at some point you may be able to exchange the email address with another member if you both agree.

How do I stop someone from contacting me?

If you feel uncomfortable with another member who persistently tries to contact you after you declined to communicate, you can stop the other member from contacting you by clicking "Block Person" button found in the member's profile.

We suggest you do not block another member until you give that person the courtesy of a couple of exchanges. If you don't care for that member, he/she will get the idea and probably will not contact you again. You will use this button if he/she is persistent, disregarding your wishes. If you are the one blocked, you have no way of contacting that person.

There is "People I Blocked" list under My Account menu. You can unblock a member by clicking "Unblock" button

How do I suspend my profile?

You can suspend your profile at any time. Go to My Account menu, and click Change Settings.You will find "Click to hide your profile" If you click it, your profile will no longer be visible to the public, but is not deleted from the network.

Once you've suspended your profile, you can continue to search and make contact with other members, however, they will not be able to view your profile.

To reactivate your profile, go to the Change Settingspage again, and click on "Click to show your profile." Your profile will be visible again.