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Tired of writing letter after letter to men and sending them out. has a time effective easy solution to assist you in finding your special man.

Now you can send your introduction letter to thousands of men at once. How? It's easy, just choose the countries you wish your introduction letter to be delivered to and every man in that country who has joined the site will receive your introduction letters.

Write your introduction letter here.

You can choose which countries you wish your letters to go to.

For example, say you just want the introduction letter to be sent to men in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

You just choose those countries. Copy and paste the letter to the page and click submit and it comes to us. We will deliver it to all the men in those countries. You sit back and wait for the replies. You choose the gentlemen you want to respond to. What could be easier?

This service is completely free and very time effective. Give it a try.

Note: To make sure you are not automatically logged off while you are composing the letter, it is best to compose the letter on a Microsoft word document and then copy and paste the letter to the page.

Also, you are not allowed to send contact information through this introduction letter. This includes email addresses, website addresses, telephone numbers, etc. However in a future email you may release your phone number to any men you are interested in.

Suggestion: An introduction letter is most effective when it is two or three paragraphs long. Not too long or not too short. Write a little bit about yourself, and write a little bit about the type of man you want to establish a relationship with.

Write your introduction letter here.